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OLIVECO is a company which was established in 1986. It makes research, combined with modern sophisticated methods and India Ayurvedic cosmetic methods, on Myanmar traditional royal medicinal cosmetics, manufacturing modern medicinal beauty products. Then OLIVECO is one of the leading Myanmar natural medicinal cosmetic companies, producing Face Cleansing Cream, Facial Foam, Facial Mask plus Neem Extract, Green Tea Extract Treatment Hair Tonic, Thanat-Kha Liquid Make-up, Aloevera Liquid Make-up with the use of locally found Aloevera, Neem, Thanat-Kha and medicinal Herbs.

Cucumber Facial Mask
Nature's Gift Facial Form
Nature's Gift Body Lotion
MEGA-10 Hair Cream
Vertex Pine-Sol:
Vertex Strong (1/2litre)
Vertex (1 litre)
Need Item
KING Hydrogen Peroxide
KING Methylated Spirit
Gentian Violet Paint
Scabicid Cream
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